L. Farm Structures

Laboratory of Farm Structures

Director: Associate Prof. T. Bartzanas
Tel: 210 529 4045
Fax: 210 529 4016
E-mail: t.bartzanas@aua.gr

The Laboratory covers the area of research and provision of knowledge concerning the:

  1. Engineering background
    • Technical drawing
    • Statics – Strength of Materials
    • Transport Phenomena
    • Agricultural buildings – building physics
    • Computational and applied mechanics
    • Soil mechanics
    • Surveying
  2. Design, planning, operation, optimisation and environmental impact of various agricultural enterprises (poultry houses, greenhouses, aquacultural plants etc.) and generally technical projects concerning rural infrastructure
  3. Development of artificial environment for plant growth and production (greenhouses, hydroponics etc.) implementing advanced technologies
  4. Development of artificial environment for animal housing implementing advanced technologies
  5. Management and utilisation of solid and liquid animal wastes
  6. Technology and control of material quality
  7. Environmental control of animal facilities using appropriate technologies