R. Farm Structures

Farm Structures

Academic members carry out theoretical and applied research in areas of great interest for National and International agriculture. The conducted research is carried out in the context of National and International founded scientific programs. In addition to the previous activities, Ph.D.Dissertations  and M.Sc (M.Eng), B.Sc (B.Eng) Theses are also supervised by the members of the laboratory. The results from the scientific activities are presented at International and Greek peer–reviewed Journals as well as at National and International Conferences.

The main scientific fields of research are:

Agricultural Constructions

  • Agricultural buildings – physics and environment of buildings
  • Computational and applied mechanics – Quality Inspection and behaviour of materials.
  • Greenhouses-hydroponics
  • Animal housing-animal behaviour and well–being
  • Artificial environment in agricultural constructions


  • Management of agricultural wastes.
  • Urban wastes and reuse
  • Erosion and sustainability of soils and geological formatios