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Research in Farm Machinery

Research Interests

The academic members carry out theoretical and applied research in areas of great interest for national and international agriculture. The conducted research is carried out in the context of national and international founded scientific programs. In addition to the previous activities, Ph.D. Thesis and M.Sc (M.Eng), B.Sc (B.Eng) Dissertations are also supervised by the members of the laboratory. The results from the scientific activity are presented at international and Greek peer–reviewed Journals as well as at national and international Conferences.


The main scientific fields in which research is carried out by the academic members are:

  • Design of Farm machinery
  • Self–propelled vehicles and GPS
  • Precision farming
  • Robotic applications in agriculture
  • Pumps and pumping systems
  • Installations for water purification
  • Applications of Tribology in Farm machinery
  • Mechanical Harvesting of various agricultural products

  • Control systems and process control
  • Greenhouse environmental control
  • Nutrition control in hydroponics
  • Environmental control of animal housing
  • Management of aquaculture enterprises
  • Remote–management of irrigation networks engaging telematics technology
  • Meteorological applications and data utilisation
  • Applications in Agriculture via Internet Protocol
  • Artificial intelligent Applications
  • Optimisation techniques in Agriculture
  • Development of multimedia applications in agriculture
  • Research and development of rational practices for agriculture certifications
  • Diagnostics – predictive systems
  • Applications of expert systems in constructive machinery
  • Inputs– outputs (energy balance) in energy cultivations

  • Physicochemical and mechanical properties of biological material
  • Cold storage of fruits, vegetables, Floral Crops and Nursery Stock
  • Μέθοδοι συντήρησης με ελάχιστους μεταποιητικούς χειρισμούς
  • Methods of agricultural products storage implementing minimal processing
  • Controlled atmosphere storage
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
  • Ready–to–eat salads (Fruits & vegetables)
  • Precooling of fruits and vegetables
  • Development of postharvest criteria for cold stored agricultural products
  • Cold storage and aerated stores (management and maintenance)
  • Freezing of agricultural products (processing – quality)

  • Power production systems
  • Energy analysis of machines and energy systems
  • Cooling circuits (single– and multi– stage), cooling systems, applications
  • Humidification – dehumidification systems
  • Artificial and sun drying of agricultural products
  • Heat pumps
  • Recovery, storage, upgrade of thermal energy
  • Rational use of energy

The activities in this field extend in many applications.

  • Biomass
    • Experimental energy crops, (sunflower, rapeseed, eucalyptus, miscanthus etc)
    • Study of the biomass potential for energy production in Greece and elsewhere.
    • Study of the methods of biomass processing for biofuels production (liquid, solid and gas fuels)
    • Usage and application of biofuels for energy production (heat and electricity).
  • Solar Energy
    • Experimental and theoretical study of solar collectors for heat and power production
    • Testing and application of various type photovoltaics (silicon, thin film). Testing of photovoltaic systems for water pumping or water desalination
  • Wind Energy
    • Study of small scale wind turbines for rural applications


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