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Mineralogy and Geology

The Mineralogy and Geology Laboratory belongs to the Sector of Geological Sciences of the Department of Natural Resources & Agricultural Engineering  in the Agricultural University of Athens and was founded in 1920, shortly after the establishment of the Agricultural University. The Agricultural University of Athens is the third oldest University in Greece. For ninety years now, it covers a wide range of topics with emphasis in the sciences of the earth and the environment through basic and applied research. It is situated in a 25-hectare green campus that stretches on both sides of the historic Iera Odos (the Sacred Way of antiquity), close to the centre of Athens, at the heart of the ancient Olive Grove.

The Laboratory of Mineralogy and Geology belongs to the Faculty of Science in the Agricultural University of Athens and it is the sixth Laboratory that was founded by the beginning of operation of the Agricultural University of Athens (called then Supreme Agricultural School of Athens, 14/01/1920). Professors Georgalas, Voreadis, Paraskevaidis, Davi and Migiros were the previous directors of the Laboratory. At present, the laboratory is directed by Professor G. Stamatis.
The laboratory is one of the best equipped laboratories in Greece, for studying the physical and mechanical properties of earth materials as well as the hydrogeological properties. It has all the necessary equipment, including scientific tools, PC and software.
The lab and its personnel draw upon a range of topics through an extensive research network that is broadly grouped in:

  • Geology: Geotectonics, neotectonics, geomorphology, sedimentology, remote sensing, geographical information systems, land use, natural disasters, pollution.
  • Mineralogy – Petrology: Mineral chemistry, petrography, geochemistry, industrial minerals and rocks.
  • Hydro-Geology: Hydrochemistry, pollution, management and exploitation of subterranean water.
  • Remote Sensing:  Land Use fire and frost hazard mapping and other enviromental applications