R. Mathematics & Theoritical Mechanics

Mathematics & Theoritical Mechanics

The research interests and areas of research experience of the laboratory members include the following areas: Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Geometry, Topology, Dynamic Systems, Computational Algebra, Computer Aided Geometric Design. Starting from the belief that teaching is constantly evolving and is inextricably linked to modern research in Mathematics, the members of the laboratory place particular emphasis on it. A flashback to the history of mathematics shows conclusively that theoretical mathematics is applied many times directly to solving important problems from various scientific areas. Research in the laboratory concerns both fields of Theoretical Mathematics such as Topology, Geometry and Mathematical Analysis, as well as fields of applied Mathematics such as Computational Algebra and Geometry, Cartography, Applied Dynamic Systems etc.

In the area of Statistics, research focuses mainly on the application and development of statistical methods of analysis of quantitative and categorical data for solving problems of Hydrology, Hydraulics, Engineering Planning, biological sciences and in particular of agronomic science, as well as Statistical methods of multidimensional and multivariate analysis of large volumes of quantitative and qualitative data.