Farm Structures & Farm Machinery | Τμήμα Αξιοποίησης Φυσικών Πόρων & Γεωργικής Μηχανικής 



Division of Farm Structures & Farm Machinery


Head of Division: D. Briassoulis
Τel. +30 210 529 4011
Fax. +30 210 529 4023


The Division of Farm Structures & Farm Machinery consists of the Laboratory of Farm Structures and the Laboratory of Farm Machinery. The Staff members of the two Laboratories offer educational as well as research guidance on the following subjects:

  • Design, planning, operation and optimisation of various agricultural enterprises as well technical project in the area of rural infrastructure.
  • Planning, operation and optimisation of technical projects undertaken in the area of the environmental protection.
  • Design and control of an artificial environment for plant growth and production.
  • Environmental control for animal facilities.
  • Design and control of a fully controlled environment for storage of agricultural products.
  • Application of modern technologies in agriculture.
  • Design and operation of a variety of farm machinery.
  • Automation in agro enterprises concerning processing of various agricultural products.
  • Design and implementation of various technologies in the area of renewable sources of energy and energy saving.
  • Liquid and Solid Waste Management

The division personnel counts 8 staff members, 4 teaching and research assistants, 2 technical members and a number of postdoctoral researchers, PhD. students and research assistants.