D. Farm Structures & Farm Machinery

Division of Farm Structures & Farm Machine Systems


Head of Division: G. Xanthopoulos
Τel. +30 210 529 4031
Fax. +30 210 529 4032
E-mail: xanthopoulos@aua.gr


The Staff members of the two Laboratories offer educational as well as research guidance on the following subjects:

  • Design, planning, operation and best use for various agricultural companies and enterprises, as well the technical works for rural infrastructure.
  • Planning, operation and best use of technical works undertaken in the area of the environmental management.
  • Design and control of artificial environment for plant growth and production.
  • Environmental control for animal facilities.
  • Design and control of fully controlled environment for storage of agricultural products.
  • Application of the latest technologies in agriculture.
  • Design and operation of a variety of farm machinery.
  • Automation in agro companies for processing of various agricultural products.
  • Design and implementation of various technologies for renewable energy resources and energy saving.
  • Liquid and Solid Waste Management

The division personnel counts 7 staff members, 5 teaching and research assistants, 4 technical members and a number of postdoctoral researchers, PhD. students and research assistants.

The Division of Farm Structures & Farm Machine Systems consists of the Laboratory of Farm Structures and the Laboratory of Farm Machine Systems.