Department Divisions | Τμήμα Αξιοποίησης Φυσικών Πόρων & Γεωργικής Μηχανικής 



Department Divisions

Head: Ioannis Argyrokastritis , Associate Professor

Deputy: Ioannis Massas, Associate Professor


The Department of Natural Resources Management & Agricultural Engineering consists of four sectors :


Aims and Objectives


Any effort towards sustainable use of the rural environment by society requires planning, design, construction, and management of the appropriate infrastructure, as a necessary part of a sustainable agricultural development approach of natural resources such as soil and water.

A thorough knowledge of the physical chemical and biological processes witch govern and take place in all the aspects of the applied agriculture should be an indispensable asset for every one devoting a career as an agronomist and/or an agricultural engineer, as the graduates and postgraduates from our Department.


Furthermore, agricultural development is fundamental for any country’s economy. Such a task requires contemporary infrastructure including the development of water storage, conveyance and distribution systems for agriculture, drainage, flood and erosion protection works, cooling chambers and storage houses for agricultural products, greenhouses as well as animal husbandry, farming and pisciculture units. Equipment, such as farm machinery for soil cultivation and crop harvest, précising agriculture, automation and robotics in agricultural production systems, as well as the creation and control of artificial environments, in which plants are grown and farm animals are raised or agricultural products are preserved, are all necessary and essential infrastructure for low cost yield production and availability of excellent quality raw agricultural materials.


Managment of natural resources also includes appropriate water use in agriculture, irrigation and drainage, appropriate use of soils, their amelioration and protection, determination of water and soil physicochemical properties, as well as thorough knowledge of the system Soil-Plant-Atmosphere are all prerequisites for sustainable and low cost yield of agricultural products, always according to environmental protection principles.  Development and application of the computer information technology related to all the pertinent fields is a main objective of the department.


The Department of Natural Resources Managment and Agricultural Engineering of AUA has a great experience in combining different Sciences and Technologies, in carrying out research and application projects for infrastructure development in Agriculture taking into account the environmental protection, and in applying integrated management techniques for the sustainable use of natural resources. In this regard, it is unique in providing knowledge and creating skills for graduates, capable in contributing to the development of such a crucial sector of the National Economy.