Department Divisions

The Department of Natural Resources Management & Agricultural Engineering consists of four divisions :

The Department is one of the corner stones of the Agricultural University of Athens and unique in Greece. The Department has a continuous contribution to the development of Greek agriculture as it was the main contributor to all the reclamation works in the agriculture of our country, since the beginning of the previous century. It aims to the development of methods and tools for the sustainable use of Natural Resources and the risk management of natural and anthropogenic environmental hazards, as well as the appropriate use of machine systems and infrastructure in agriculture.

Particular emphasis is placed on soil (fertility, tackling land desertification), water resources management, soil physics, hydrology, irrigation techniques and systems (85% of the annual water consumption in Greece), agricultural constructions, machine systems in agriculture), the applications of renewable energy sources in agriculture and on the protection of the environment in general. The research experience of the Department is continuous and important. The international research programs that are conducted only by the Department constitute an annual basis over 30% of the total programmes in all the Agricultural University of Athens, in cutting-edge sectors according to the last evaluation of the Department.

Department Distinctions

Important distinction for Assistant Professor Ioannis Baziotis, for his participation in the Antarctic Meteor Search mission AntarcticSearch for Meteorites -ANSMET. Interview in APE May 2017
International distinction for Assoc. Professor Georgios Kargas Guest Editor of the magazine WATER (IF=2.06)
Assoc. Professor Konstantinos Arvanitis since January 2016 is the Editor-in-Chief of the International journal International Journal of Agricultural Science (ISSN: 2367-9026).International Journal of Agricultural Science
Assoc. Professor Spyridon Fountas is Editor-in-Chief in the international magazine Computers and Electronics in Agriculture (Elsevier, IF: 1.776)Computers and Electronics in Agriculture
Distinction of Assoc. Prof. Stavros Alexandris from Agricultural Water Management (Elsevier) magazine as reviewer in 2015

Distinction of Assoc. Prof. Georgios Kargas from the Catena and Journal of Hydrology (Elsevier) magazines for work crises in 2017


The FP7-EC Research Program COROADO led by Agricultural University of Athens, Department of Natural Resources Development and Agricultural Engineering, Coordinator Assoc. Professor, Christos A. Karavitis, on the 10-11/06/2015 EC-CELAC Summit Meeting in Brussels was presented as one of the main examples of successful scientific cooperation between the two regions, to the 61 Heads of States attending the meeting and included in the official Summit Report (p.15)
International awards for Prof. Ioannis Valantzas, and performance excellence by the Ministry of Education (
Certificate of Agricultural Excellence for Prof. Nikolaos Derkas 2013
Award of the Assoc. Prof. Ioannis Papanikolaou in 2009 as “Top reviewer” for the year 2008 of the International scientific journal Tectonophysics   (2012 JCR5 – Year Impact Factor: 3.131)